El Monte High School Class of 1968 Survey

Dear Classmates,

Although it seems like such a short time ago, it has been almost 50 years since we graduated from El Monte High School.

Since that memorable time, our lives have been comprised of many fun and important moments. We would like to obtain some of these moments from you to share with our other classmates. We hope you feel comfortable sharing your life experiences with us.  Please answer those questions below that you would like to and then hit the submit button.  You do not need to answer all of the questions. For those questions you do not choose to answer, fill that space with NA (no answer).  We intend to place the survey answers we receive on this website.

Working with our reunion photographer, we will create a memory book for our class—one that can be perused for years to come.  Once completed after the reunion, the memory book will be available for purchase. We would like to place your name and email address in this memory book, but will not do so if you let us know now that your preference is for us to not share your information.

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